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Our business targets a very specific and growing concern for today�s employers ?the need to attract industry-experienced talent in a highly competitive employment market.

While we employ the use of all traditional recruitment methods to build our candidate pool, it is our concentrated investigative approach to sourcing candidates with specific industry experience that is our very clear point of difference.

Our business is best described as the combination of a recruitment and investigation firm. We apply the dedicated resources of an experienced consultant to a specific talent sourcing problem to "live and breathe" the assignment to reach a positive outcome in the shortest possible timeframe.

This approach, when combined with a business and service model designed to reach outcomes quickly, is, in our view, the most appropriate methodology to meet the demands of critical vacancy sourcing in today�s fast and highly competitive workplace.

We know what our clients want. They want to be introduced to sought-after candidates with specific skills and industry experience, and they want to meet them as soon as possible. That�s what we do.

We find talented, experienced people, fast.
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