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In 2001 we were appointed as an Agent for one of Papua New Guinea�s largest employers to assist with the company�s visa processing requirements. We have since assisted more than 2000 PNG bound travellers, managing the flow and accuracy of documentation to ensure our clients meet their PNG travel plans.

Now working with multiple employers, and dealing directly with Brisbane�s PNG Consulate, we remove the confusion and administrative burden often associated with application processing while providing peace-of-mind to the clients we represent.

Our office is a short walk from Brisbane�s PNG Consulate and our frequent contact with consular staff ensures we remain informed of all the latest processing guidelines, rules and news items. If visa processing times have been altered, or a particular visa requirement has been modified or something as significant as the recent decision to withdraw Australian Residents?Visa on Arrival in PNG occurs, we know what�s happening.

We�re a small team of dedicated specialists, with all the necessary knowledge and resources to convert what may have been a time-consuming, frustrating experience for an individual into a minimal fuss exercise for all parties having an interest in our client�s travel plans. The clients we represent remain fully informed of every step of the process until their passport with visa attached is back in their hands.

If you would like to know more about our service in this area, please call the number below or visit the Contact Us page on this website to request a call from one of our team.

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