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Q. Beyond database recruitment, beyond advertised selection, beyond networks?
A. We are of the view that all individual recruitment services should be viewed as components of a recruitment strategy, but never as a stand-alone solution when dealing with a critical vacancy. Not everyone is comfortable having their CV on a database, many talented individuals have successfully moved from one job to another without responding to a recruitment advertisement, and not all sought-after employees are “networkers”. Therefore, a dependence upon any one recruitment product or service is likely to severely inhibit any effort to maximise a candidate pool, ultimately restricting an employer’s hiring options. Our approach is all-encompassing, and our concentrated investigative approach to sourcing candidates extends beyond any one recruitment product or service. While many of our assignments DO conclude with a decision in favour of an active job seeker, we regard our ability to effectively introduce non-active job seekers into the equation as our most significant value to clients. This approach, when combined with a business and service model designed to reach outcomes quickly, is, in our view, clearly the most appropriate methodology to meet the demands of critical vacancy sourcing in today’s fast and highly competitive workplace.
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