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1. Beyond database recruitment, beyond advertised selection, beyond networks? [ view ]
2. Do you advertise vacancies in print media or on Internet job boards? [ view ]
3. Do you ever decline any recruitment assignments, given that your approach can apply to “any critical vacancy”? [ view ]
4. Do you promote the individuals you “headhunt” on equal terms with the individuals you identify though other methods, such as those who respond to an advertisement, or those already on your database? [ view ]
5. Do your search efforts include sourcing candidates based overseas? [ view ]
6. Does Adsearch or any of its Alliance Partners provide any service outside of recruitment. For instance, management or human resource consulting, remuneration and benefits advice, outplacement etc? [ view ]
7. Does Adsearch work in the area of volume recruitment, such as large projects where candidates are required for multiple vacancies? [ view ]
8. Does searching for candidates add time to the duration of a typical recruitment assignment? [ view ]
9. How many assignments would an Adsearch consultant work on at any one time? [ view ]
10. Is there a minimum salary level or some point at which you don’t perform Search? [ view ]
11. What can Adsearch offer over a large or industry-specific recruitment firm? [ view ]
12. What do you mean by “investigative methods”, and how does this apply to your recruitment efforts? [ view ]
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